Supersec Dried Cep/Porcini Mushrooms

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Vegan Made in Europe Small Producer Organic


Ingredients: 100% organic dried cep mushrooms.
-Zutaten 100% biologische getrocknete Steinpilze.

Ceps or Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) are collected in Caucasus oak (June),
beech (July-August), and black pine (September-October) forests.
Supersec picked whatever the bears didn’t eat.

Cut into thick slices before drying, they are particularly well suited to pastas, risotto, and sauces.

They can be eaten as they are, or rehydrated directly in the pan
with a little oil (or butter) and a little stock (or pasta water).


Steinpilze (Boletus edulis) werden in Kaukasus-Eichenwäldern (Juni),
Buchen- (Juli-August) und Schwarzkiefernwäldern (September-Oktober) gesammelt.
Supersec hat alles gesammelt, was die Bären nicht gefressen haben.

Vor dem Trocknen in dicke Scheiben geschnitten, eignen sie sich besonders gut für Nudeln, Risotto und Soßen.

Sie können so gegessen werden, wie sie sind, oder direkt in der Pfanne rehydriert werden
mit etwas Öl (oder Butter) und ein wenig Brühe (oder Nudelwasser).



(EN)The key rationale underpinning Supersec’s concept is this: dried products aren’t mere second-rate replacement for their fresh counterparts, but improvements— not less, but more. This notion gave rise to a whole spectrum of great ideas, which today combine to form the global concept “Supersec”.

Supersec believe that dry food is an evolution of the fresh food, with better characteristics. Long before the dictatorship of fresh food, perishable products (fish or shellfish) and seasonal products (mushrooms) were subject to specific preservation techniques.


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