Katin USA

Katin was one of the first surf brands out there.

When Nancy and Walter Katin began the surf trunk business in the 1950s and into the early 1960s surfing was not a "trendy" sport. Kids who were hopping on a board and catching waves were considered "weirdoes" and "beachcombers." However, Nancy made sure that Katin’s small surf shop had a counter with a couch and a few chairs, so she could sit there and talk to the local kids about anything and everything.

It all started with a problem. In the late 50’s a man walked into the Katin shop in Surfside California. He couldn’t find anything to surf in. Conventional swim trunks were meant for 1 of two things, competitive diving and lounging by the water. Walter Katin put his needle to work twith some boat cover made the first surf trunk ever. The news spread like a wildfire.

The Sato Hughes Story

The original Katin surf trunk design patterns from the late 1950s, are still used to construct Katin surf trunks today.

Today, Sato Hughes, the Katin seamstress since 1961, still uses these original patterns to custom make trunks for folks as well.You can still pop into the Katin Shop at Sunset Beach and have Sato custom craft a pair of canvas trunks, just for you. 

That's the sort of story we like!