Gather Journal: Issue 9, Summer 2016 - The 1970s

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Das Gather Journal ist ein Food-orientiertes Magazin, in dem sich alles um die verschiedenen Aspekte des „gatherings“, des Zusammenseins dreht - Zusammen speisen, zusammen trinken, zusammen ernten und zusammen kochen.

The summer 2016 issue of Gather Journal turns back time to the 1970s. Chapters, and their accompanying menus, are arranged by genre: television, music, film, style, and one dedicated to David Bowie who is really a genre unto himself. There’s a sweet feature on the iconic hairstyles of the 1970s, and a story about the golden era of porn, complete with a sexy fruit centerfold (peel it out and pin it up). You’ll also find text musings on everything from the cookbooks that defined the decade to the crockpot, the genius of Norman Lear to the short-lived, but much-loved Viva magazine.


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