Escentric Molecules - ESCENTRIC 01 FRAGRANCE 100ML

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Top: Lime, Pink Pepper, Aldehydes
Heart: Orris, Hedione (green jasmine bud)
Base: Iso E Super, Incense, Mastic, Muscone (Musk)

Kopf: Limette, Rosa Pfeffer, Aldehyde
Herz: Orris, Hedione (grüne Jasminknospe)
Basis: Iso E Super, Weihrauch, Mastix, Muscone (Moschus)

Wrap yourself in the radiant Winsor Violet of Escentric 01, the colour
of star-stained dusk, the colour of touch.

Iso E Super is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an
indefinable aura around the wearer.

Escentric 01 focuses on Iso E Super at 65% of the fragrance compound
in an abbreviated formula designed to maximise the molecule's efflorescence.
It contains lime peel, hedione (green jasmine bud), orris, balsamic notes,
and fresh musk.

Geza Schoen: "I wanted to create something unconventional, not too perfumistic,
something for my friends who said they didn't like fragrance."


Hüllen Sie sich in das strahlende Winsor-Violett von Escentric 01, die
Farbe der sternenklaren Abenddämmerung, die Farbe der Berührung.

Iso E Super ist ein Molekül, das dicht über der Haut schwebt und eine
undefinierbare Aura um die Trägerin schafft.

Escentric 01 konzentriert sich auf Iso E Super mit einem Anteil von 65%
an der Duftkomponente in einer verkürzten Formel, die entwickelt wurde,
um die Effloreszenz des Moleküls zu maximieren. Es enthält Limettenschale,
Hedion (grüne Jasminblüte), Orris, balsamische Noten und frischen Moschus.

Geza Schoen: "Ich wollte etwas Unkonventionelles kreieren, nicht zu
parfümistisch, etwas für meine Freunde, die sagten, dass sie keine
Düfte mögen."



Escentric Molecules owes its existence to an aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature. Iso E Super was created in a laboratory at IFF in 1973. It remained unknown outside the world of perfumery until the launch of Escentric Molecules, though its elusive presence hovers at relatively low concentrations in the background of many fragrances for both men and women. Among perfumers, it is prized for its velvety, cocooning effect.

When perfumer Geza Schoen first smelt Iso E Super in isolation, something clicked. “I realised that the common denominator in all the fragrances I liked was that they contained a large dose of it. Iso E Super is highly unusual. You can never get enough of it. One sniff and you want the whole bottle. It’s like a drug.”

Schoen began to experiment, creating fragrances that contained Iso E Super in unheard-of proportions. One night he went further. Heading out for a drink with a friend, he suggested they spritz on nothing but the aroma-molecule itself.

The effect was immediate. No sooner had they sat down at a bar, than a woman came up to ask about their fragrance. As Schoen talked with her, it became clear that the connection between the fragrances she liked was also a large dose of Iso E Super. Schoen realised he was on to something.
His proposal was bold. He would create two fragrances in homage to this enigmatic attractant. One fragrance would contain an unprecedented 65% of the molecule. The rest of the formula would consist of ingredients designed to underscore its low-lit mood.

If this was a radical move, the second fragrance was totally non-conformist. It would contain only the molecule Iso E Super. “I thought, this one will appeal only to the artists, the freaks, the outsiders.”

He was wrong. From its launch in 2006, Escentric Molecules was a phenomenon. Schoen followed the first pair of fragrances, 01, with 02, 03, and in 2017, a fourth pair, Escentric Molecules 04. Each pair focuses on those rare aroma-molecules that have the radiance and depth of character to stand alone.

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