Ass Savers - ASR Bold Rain - Red Rain

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380x102 mm

Clip on Mudguard
-Schutzblech zum Anstecken

-Keeps your butt dry on wet roads
-Patented FLIP-TIP™ attachment system
-Easy to fit, requires no tools
-Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails.
-Suitable for tire widths between 23-35 mm

Meet Bold Rain, the new signature pattern series
that will bring you colour bling to any dull and grey autumn ride!

"Quite possibly the easiest fender to fit" Colin Levitch, Cycling News

The latest Ass Saver features the FLIP-TIP™ attachment system.
Once fitted, simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails.

Have no doubt, The fourth generation of Ass Savers clip-on mudguards is your best friend.
Easy to hook up with, never being a burden
and always there to cover your back, no matter what.


-Hält Ihren Hintern auf nassen Straßen trocken
-Patentiertes FLIP-TIP™ Befestigungssystem
-Einfach zu montieren, erfordert kein Werkzeug
-Passt auf jeden Standard-Schienen-Sattel, auch mit Carbon-Schienen.
-Geeignet für Reifenbreiten zwischen 23-35 mm

Lernen Sie Bold Rain kennen, die neue Designserie
die jede noch so triste und graue Herbstfahrt aufpeppen wird!

"Wahrscheinlich das am einfachsten zu montierende Schutzblech" Colin Levitch, Cycling News

Der neueste Ass Saver verfügt über das FLIP-TIP™-Befestigungssystem.
Nach der Montage klappen Sie einfach die Spitze des Ass Saver hoch und er wird sicher an den Sattelschienen befestigt.

Kein Zweifel, die vierte Generation der Ass Saver-Klemmschutzbleche ist Ihr bester Freund.
Einfach zu befestigen, nie eine Last
und immer da, um Ihren Rücken zu schützen, egal was passiert.


Ass Savers

Summer 2011, faced with yet another rainy ride home from office, Ass Savers founder, Staffan Weigel, rips a piece of cardboard and stick it underneath his saddle just to get home reasonably dry.

Surprised by the positive result, he decides to develop it into a mudguard concept together with a couple of cyclist friends.

True to the Gothenburg humor tradition, they call the project Ass Savers. Quite satisfied with the finished product, the friends post a short video of the product online.

The rest is mudguard history. The video goes viral and within 24 hours they build a simple web shop and six months later, Weigel quits his daytime job to fully focus on the new company.

Today the company employs 5 people and operates out of it's headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. More than one million Ass Savers have been sold and the brand that started as a joke is now recognized by millions of cyclists all over the world. As the first mudguard ever to be used by professional cyclists in the UCI World Tour, it has proven that a good idea can go far.

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