The Great Wide Open

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Ein Buch über beinahe atmosphärische Bilder der Welt der unerschrockenen jungen Abenteurer und ihren Reisen zu den atemberaubendsten Orten dieser Welt.

von Jeffrey Bowman, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten.


The Great Wide Open is a compilation of photographs that capture and celebrate the new desire for outdoor adventure. From Iceland to Mongolia, this book takes you on a visual journey to some of the Earth’s most breathtaking places.

Lose yourself amidst endless horizons, within the depths of a forest, or on a mountain peak. An inspiring exploration of natural wonders, the book also includes a few stories from the people behind the lens—ordinary people who set out to do extra-ordinary things.

The Great Wide Open is an ode to the outdoors, bound to awaken a thirst for adventure and prompt you to act on it.



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