Bohicket Sunset Horizon Blanket

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Kid Mohair & Silk 
130 x 180 cm

Our woven blankets are created from kid mohair and silk. The world’s purest mohair is found in the South African Karoo and is renowned for its luminous quality. Combined with the fine stroke of silk, it produces the softest and lightest of blankets in gorgeous colours with a natural, elegant lustre.


Made in South Africa




We make no compromise in the selection of our materials and personally source the highest of quality. Bohicket pieces are designed and created to accompany you throughout the years, changing and gaining character through use and over time.  
Kid Mohair: Mohair is the hair of the Angora goat, who lives in semi-desert climates from Texas to South Africa to Australia. South African mohair is world-renowned for its quality, purity and sheen. Mohair goats are fully grown and shorn for the time at six months of age. This young goat’s particularly soft, light and voluminous hair is called kid mohair, and it caresses the skin like a soft embrace.  
Silk: Silk is pleasing to wear, it warms you when it’s cold, and has a cooling effect when it’s hot. This highly stable material has an unmatched lustre. Silk embodies exclusiveness and sensibility like no other thread.  
Merino: The Merino sheep is a fine wool breed, which yields one of the garment world’s most sought after natural material. Our mulesing-free wool comes from South Africa. It is easy to wash, especially soft and elastic, and it is pleasantly warming.  

The Karoo

In South Africa, the Angora goat and the Merino sheep are found on the 500,000 km2 stretch of semi-desert between the eastern and western Cape: the Karoo. Windmills are the Karoo’s characteristic trait, pumping water to the surface to sustain the goats and sheep - the economic backbone of the region. The name Karoo derives from the language of the San tribe, whose word kurú translates to “dry”. The Angora, who are sensitive to dampness, find ideal living conditions here, encircled by mountain ranges in this barren landscape. Because of these conditions, the sheep bred here provide the world’s finest quality wool. The sprawling hilly countryside provides its animals with ample space to graze on prickly shrubs and succulents. The people of the Karoo are offered impressive scenery, especially in winter when the earth is overgrown with a dense, blooming carpet of vegetation.  



Die Schildkröte ist es, die mit ihrem besonderen Charakter Pate steht für die Eigenschaften von Bohicket. Sie geht auf Weltreisen und ist doch stets bei sich Zuhause. Sie reist ohne Hast, orientiert sich an den Sternen und den natürlichen Strömungen. Und wenn es an der Zeit ist, kehrt sie wieder an ihren Geburtsort zurück. Am Bohicket Creek wo die Weltenbummler jeweils aus dem Atlantik steigen und ihre Eier in den Sand legen - dort war auch die Idee für Bohicket geboren: Erstklassige Wolldecken mit zeitlosem Charakter.

EN: The turtle with its special characteristics symbolizes the essence of Bohicket. She travels around the world but is always at home. She travels without haste, orienting herself to the stars and natural currents. And when the time comes, she returns to her birthplace. At Bohicket Creek, where the wanderers emerge from the Atlantic and lay their eggs in the sand, the idea for Bohicket was born: first-class woolen blankets with a timeless design.

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