Smile Makers The Romantic: Sensuous G-Spot Vibrator

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18.9 x 4cm

Deep vaginal stimulation, Generous Size, Organic Shape
-Tiefe vaginale Stimulation, Großzügige Größe, Organische Form

This vaginal vibrator embeds a powerful motor in its curved head to send deep vibrations to your G-spot,
while its ridged sides stimulate the many nerve endings of lower third of the vagina.
A Powerful Vibrator For G-Spot Stimulation To make this G-spot vibrator a unique product,
Smilemakers have engineered it with a powerful motor located directly in its curved head.
This new technology brings the strong vibration closest to your G-spot.
Moreover, its head can bend slightly to adjust to your inner anatomy.
Fitted with 4 speeds and 3 pulsation modes, you're in for an intense moment.

An Organic Shape For Added Pleasure.
Did you know that the lower third of the vagina contains 90% of its nerve endings?
Researching extensively pleasure anatomy facts, this vaginal vibrator is designed to compliment your internal pleasure anatomy.
For enhanced pleasure, its ridged sides play with the sensitivity of the vaginal entrance.


Dieser Vaginalvibrator verfügt über einen leistungsstarken Motor in seinem gebogenen Kopf, der tiefe Vibrationen an Ihren G-Punkt sendet,
während die geriffelten Seiten die vielen Nervenenden im unteren Drittel der Vagina stimulieren.
Ein leistungsstarker Vibrator für die Stimulation des G-Punkts Um diesen G-Punkt-Vibrator zu einem einzigartigen Produkt zu machen,
Smilemakers hat ihn mit einem leistungsstarken Motor ausgestattet, der sich direkt in seinem gebogenen Kopf befindet.
Diese neue Technologie bringt die starke Vibration ganz nah an Ihren G-Punkt heran.
Außerdem kann sich der Kopf leicht biegen, um sich Ihrer inneren Anatomie anzupassen.
Ausgestattet mit 4 Geschwindigkeiten und 3 Pulsationsmodi erwartet Sie ein intensiver Moment.

Eine organische Form für zusätzliches Vergnügen.
Wussten Sie, dass sich im unteren Drittel der Vagina 90% der Nervenenden befinden?
Dieser Vaginalvibrator wurde nach umfangreichen Recherchen zur Anatomie der Lust entwickelt, um Ihre innere Anatomie der Lust zu ergänzen.
Seine geriffelten Seiten spielen mit der Empfindlichkeit des Scheideneingangs, um die Lust zu steigern.



One rainy weekend in April 2002, the co-founder felt adventurous and walked into a sex shop to buy a vibrator, but was truly disappointed. 
Why was everything so tasteless and offensive? It felt unfair to women. They studied the market and were amazed – in the UK, there are more women who have a vibrator at home, than households with a dishwasher. 
Elsewhere, 50% of women use vibrators and two thirds of the rest want to try. They also discovered that 80% of women experience pain during sex due to vaginal dryness, but less than 4% like the traditional lubricants available. 
Two simple facts became evident; first, demand for sexual wellbeing products is universal and second, the shopping environment, product design and quality were alarmingly unappealing the world over. No brand was speaking respectfully to women. 
They left their safe careers, decided to make a difference and in 2013, Smile Makers was launched. The idea was simple – the best product experience, a brand that women can love, promoted and sold in everyday environments. 

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