Opinel Bon Appétit Steak Knife N°125 Olive Wood

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Blade/Klinge: 11 cm

The warm veins of the olive wood
-Die warmen Adern des Olivenholzes

Give to your table the greatest atmosphere with the knife Bon Appétit in olive wood.
Its sunny and mediterranean aspect will offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

With a wooden handle and smooth blade versions, Bon Appétit table knives
are essential for adding a bohemian decor vibe to your table.
Could this be the knife that meets your needs?!

The blade is martensitic stainless steel with high hardness due to the addition of nitrogen (0.15%)
and superior corrosion resistance due to a high chromium content (16%).


Verleihen Sie Ihrem Tisch die beste Atmosphäre mit dem Messer Bon Appétit aus Olivenholz.
Sein sonniges und mediterranes Aussehen wird eine warme und einladende Atmosphäre bieten.

Mit ihrem Holzgriff und der glatten Klinge sind die Bon Appétit Tischmesser
unentbehrlich, um Ihrem Tisch eine böhmische Atmosphäre zu verleihen.
Könnte dies das Messer sein, das Ihren Bedürfnissen entspricht?

Die Klinge ist aus rostfreiem martensitischem Stahl mit hoher Härte durch den Zusatz von Stickstoff (0,15%)
und eine hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit aufgrund des hohen Chromgehalts (16%).



Invented by Joseph Opinel in 1890, the pocket knife that today proudly bears his name is an indispensable item when it comes to daily living.
Simple, functional and smart, the Opinel flip-knife has become a world-famous design now commonly referred to as THE French knife.

Based in Chambéry, in the French department of Savoie, the Opinel company has produced long-lasting, robust and efficient knives for over 130 years: pocket knives, small foldable garden tools, high-end table knives and professional quality kitchen knife sets. Knife collectors will love the limited edition luxury models. The brand, with its famous "crowned hand" logo, has also brought out a kids' knife collection, so little ones can safely prepare meals.

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