One of Those Helium 2He

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One of Those Helium [2He]
Eau de parfum

Helium looks like fortified wine, the effect of the balsams, patchouli and tobacco leaves. The narghile accord is present in all the throes of its evolution, intense, brimful of memories and mysticism. It is a meditative, hypnotic and enveloping perfume. Snug as a hug, or a comfortable dress.

Italian bergamot
Damask rose
Iris concrete
Turkish styrax
Narghile accord: Tobacco leaves, Patchouli, Clary sage absolute, Guaiac wood
100 ml - 3.4 fl oz


one of those

If change is the natural law of existence, so nu_be is passing. It is none other than "a human artifact" which claims the irrevocable discovery of our origins and reflects all of the wonderful and ugly aspects of human beings and how we interact with the physical world.It is transformation, regeneration, metamorphosis, like the Elements of the Periodic Table that draw it in a compact and elegant form.
nu_be is one of those: one of those Elements, universal traces of cosmic memory.
We are one of those.
And to the question: - What perfume do you wear? -, we will reply: - one of those. -
oneofthose is an olfactory design project strongly iconic for the packaging: an hermetic polystyrene shell which must be broken to reach the bottle.
An external silent, rigorous, neutral packaging that takes on a unique and identifying shape when opened.
Isn't it the contact with our skin that makes a perfume react in an absolutely personal way? Isn't this the seductive power of chemistry?
We humans explore, sniff and recognize ourselves in oneofthose: an ironic and irreverent object to interpret the unprecedented "luxury" of the experience, that of a breakage that gives rise to amazement.
And the more you discover, the more the pleasure of discovery increases.

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