Mythical Dragon Face Sponge & Hook Green French Clay

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The Dragon is a natural blend of Konjac plant fibre and green French clay for toning the complexion.
The package includes a full size Konjac Sponge with green French clay and a dragon design detachable hook to store the sponge when not in use.

Quickly hydrate the Konjac Sponge in warm water until soft and bouncy, then massage around the face and delicate eye area to experience an intense cleanse. When you’re done, make sure to squeeze out the excess water and hang it by the string on your new dragon hook!


Der Drache ist eine natürliche Mischung aus Konjak-Pflanzenfasern und grünem französischem Ton, um den Teint zu straffen.
Das Paket enthält einen Konjac-Schwamm in voller Größe mit grünem französischen Ton und einen abnehmbaren Haken im Drachendesign, um den Schwamm bei Nichtgebrauch zu verstauen.

Hydratisieren Sie den Konjac Schwamm schnell in warmem Wasser, bis er weich und hügelig ist, und massieren Sie ihn dann um das Gesicht und die empfindliche Augenpartie herum, um eine intensive Reinigung zu erfahren. Wenn du fertig bist, drücke das überschüssige Wasser aus und hänge es an der Schnur an deinen neuen Drachenhaken!


The Konjac Sponge Co.

Konjac sponges are the most effective Korean skincare tools, deeply cleansing and exfoliating even the most sensitive skin for a natural glow. The Konjac Sponce co.  sponges are made by hand in the volcanic hills of Jeju Island in South Korea. A UNESCO world heritage protected site, Jeju Island is renowned as a pristine area of outstanding beauty and reputed to have some of the purest water in the world.

The Konjac potato or Konnyaku is a perennial plant native to Asia and can be found growing wild at very high altitudes. A totally natural food source, Konjac is 97% water, rich in mineral goodness and low in calories. The plant is naturally alkaline, which leaves skin perfectly balanced.

Pure Konjac is free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable, this moisture-rich plant fibre is lovingly hand-blended with natural volcanic water to create our powerful sponges.

Konnyaku has been used in Korea, Japan and China for over 1,500 years as medicine, food, a dieting aid and a beauty product. Due to the plant's claimed health giving properties, the Konjac Sponge was originally created for delicate baby skin,

The Konjac Sponce co are proud to carry the Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society symbols as signs of our commitment to producing natural, cruelty free skin care. All our sponges are tested for authenticity and purity, However, many inferior products are often mass produced in poor quality, unethical factories and use low grade, unclean materials.

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