Mari Paz Paprika Smoked

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Paprika powder smoked
Made in Spanien

Paprika Pulver geräuchert
Hergestellt in Spanien

Paprika is a powdered condiment with a red colour and characteristic flavour obtained from drying and grinding certain varieties of red peppers. It is a fundamental ingredient in typical Spanish dishes, as well as in the preparation of sausages, due to its high colouring and preservative power.

The two best known varieties of paprika in Spain come from the region of La Vera, in Cáceres, introduced since the sixteenth century by the Hieronymites monks from the Monastery of Yuste, and the Murcia paprika, also introduced by the Hieronymites monks from the Monastery of La Ñora (Murcia), in the vicinity of Espinardo, which comes from red peppers of the "bola" variety, the only two Spanish varieties with a designation of origin.


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