Killer Kicks Sneaker Cleaning Kit

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* TAKE PRIDE: Especially if you've splurged and bought yourself a nice pair of expensive shoes, you're going to want to take care of them! We've created what we believe is the best shoe cleaner on the market just to keep you looking fresh.
*ANY KIND OF SHOE: Whether your shoes cost $500 or $50 this shoe care kit can suit your needs. Formal, casual, and sports shoes alike will look like new with our shoe cleaner accessories.
 *CLEANING FLUID: The kit includes next generation, high tech cleaning fluid to keep your footwear looking its best, no matter what gets splattered on it. Robust enough to remove tough stains and safe enough to use on all shoe materials.
*THE BEST BRUSH: We've also made the best footwear cleaning brush we've ever tried. It's the kind of thing you'll be using for years to come. Perfect for white shoes

*GREAT FOR GIFTING: Whether that special someone is an certified shoe addict or just got their first nice pair of kicks, they can benefit from this shoe cleaning kit. Comes with instructions for the shoe care novice!


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