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Fair Small Producer For a good cause Made in Europe Sustainable

During the 17th century in Normandy, France near Mount Saint-Michel, French peasants began making netting for fishing, sports, hammocks, and market bags. Filt was formed in 1860 and continues to uphold its quality and tradition in each piece. Each bag is strong, expandable, practical, and ecological. The fibers are dyed using Oeko-Tex 100 standards then knitted and stitched in Caen, France. 100% cotton.



EN: We love the shopping bags from the french company Filt.
They have been manufacturing nets and ropes in Caen since 1855. It is a small company whose activity is mainly the knitting and braiding of ropes and the manufacture of candles wicks.
The nets range from safety nets for yachting and various uses: safety nets, car, yachting, medical use, packaging….to nets for mussel farming and candlewicks for home decoration they are certified ISO 9001/2000 since 2001. The company constantly check the quality of their work and the traceability of our products.
A key focus of filt is to maintain the industrial textile know-how in France. They fully endorse their Corporate Social Responsibility by working closely all year long with a rehabilitation workshop and a workshop employing disabled persons.

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