Einmal mehr beweisen die Schweden Stilsicherheit: Die Canvas- und Ledertaschen von Sandqvist werden diesen Frühling bei uns für Furore sorgen. Und es wird schwer sein, sich zwischen dem coolen Shopperbag im Fiftiesstyle und dem Retro-Stoffrucksack mit den Ledebesätzen zu entscheiden. Gegründet wurde das Accessoire-Label von Anton Sandqvist in Stockholm. Er und sein Team möchten zeitlose Taschen machen, die lange Zeit geliebt werden und erschwinglich sind. Wir denken, die Jungs haben einen guten Job gemacht!


Sandqvist was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist. Together, with his brother Daniel and their friend Sebastian, they are the soul behind the brand. The Nordic landscape with its forests, rivers and vast unpopulated areas as well as an urban city lifestyle have always been our main inspiration. Accordingly, the Sandqvist designs are uncomplicated, functional and beautiful, with clear Swedish heritage.

At Sandqvist they aim to produce stylish and long lasting everyday bags. They want to do this in a way that is fair to everyone involved, and with care for the environment. This means taking responsibility for the impact of their products throughout their life cycle, on both people and planet.

The products should be made under good working conditions and in a safe environment at all our suppliers. To ensure this, Sandqvist is a member of the Fair wear Foundation (FWF) and committed to implementing the FWF Code of Labour Practices at our suppliers. The FWF code stipulates minimum requirements for working conditions based on International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN principles. This includes the right of all workers to join trade unions, the right to a living wage, reasonable hours of work, safe working conditions and a legally binding employment relationship. Child labour and all forms of discrimination is strictly banned. 

The staff regularly visit all our suppliers, to make sure that working conditions comply with the code. These efforts to secure decent working conditions at all factories manufacturing our products will be verified by FWF and publicly reported on their homepage. FWF is an independent non-profit organisation that is jointly governed by representatives of business, labour and non-profit sectors. The multi-stakeholder structure of FWF guarantees independent monitoring and transparency regarding the manufacturing of our products.

Together with their suppliers they work towards continuously improving working conditions.

  1. Sandqvist Jussi Marine Tote Bag
    Sandqvist Jussi Marine Tote Bag
    Sale CHF 195.00 Preis CHF 239.90
  2. Sandqvist Hans Multicolor Backpack
    Sandqvist Hans Multicolor Backpack
    Sale CHF 145.00 Preis CHF 199.90
  3. Sandqvist Stig Grey Rucksack
    Sandqvist Stig Grey Rucksack
    Sale CHF 125.00 Preis CHF 149.90
  4. Sandqvist Tobias Anthrazit Rucksack
    Sandqvist Tobias Anthrazit Rucksack
    Sale CHF 165.00 Preis CHF 199.90
  5. Sandqvist Pontus Marine Laptop Bag
    Sandqvist Pontus Marine Laptop Bag
    Sale CHF 159.90 Preis CHF 199.00
  6. Sandqvist Sonja Marine Rucksack
    Sandqvist Sonja Marine Rucksack
    Sale CHF 109.90 Preis CHF 159.90
  7. Sandqvist Eddy Black Rucksack
    Sandqvist Eddy Black Rucksack
    Sale CHF 159.90 Preis CHF 219.90
  8. Sandqvist Erik Black
    Sandqvist Erik Black
    Sale CHF 99.90 Preis CHF 199.90
  9. Sandqvist Stig Plum
    Sandqvist Stig Plum
    Sale CHF 109.90 Preis CHF 149.90
  10. Sandqvist Jerry Blue
    Sandqvist Jerry Blue
    Sale CHF 149.90 Preis CHF 209.90