Portuguese Flannel

Die Brüder Manuel und Antonio Magalhães sind die vierte Generation einer Textilfamilie. Sie arbeiten in Porto und haben vor einem Jahr nach viel Recherchen und mit viel Know-How ihre erste Kollektion präsentiert.

Die aktuelle Kollektion besteht nur aus Flannelhemden, hergestellt in den alten Städten im Norden Portugals. Der traditionelle Produktionsprozess führe dazu, dass die Stoffe nicht nur langlebiger als herkömmliche Produkte sind, sie bestechen nebenbei auch durch ein äusserst geschmeidiges und weiches Gewebe.

(EN) Portuguese Flannel shirts are manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal.

they uses exclusive fabrics that are produced the traditional way, selecting only the finest ones.
Portuguese Flannel doesn’t follow trends or vibes of the moment. Its inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains, with brave and challenging ways of living – resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design.

Portugal and family history play a central role in the creation of Portuguese Flannel. Much more than the backdrop for creating an identity, Portuguese Flannel aims to elevate portuguese knowledge to a place from where it was forgotten – a place of value and authenticity.

Sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture. And since the beggining, Portuguese Flannel always had this vision of a fair brand cherring more the quality than the quantity. They care to establish an even more environmental management and production for the future of Portuguese Flannel. So many alternatives are already existing !

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