Newton & Pott

Newton & Pott are homemade Chutneys, Jams & Preserves made in a London based kitchen in Hackney. All the ingredients are fresh and natural and they pride in practising the artisan methods of yesteryear, just like Grandma used to do but combining interesting and creative flavours, sometimes with an exotic twist.  Preserving and longevity is close to the hearts and the aim at Newton & Pott is to adopt this ecological awareness and adapt it to our modern hectic lives. By taking seasonal fruits and vegetables they endeavour to make them last longer with the humble approach of
‘waste not, want not’.

“If you like to preserve yourself we highly recommend the Newton & Pott cookbook. It is if full of inspirational recipes with interesting twists and they are bullet proof. If preserving is not yours you can still buy the lovely products made in Hackney London. The Chutneys, Jams & Preserves can pin up every meal especially during the winter months. “ sarah buyer

Available in Kitchener Bern