fab himalaya

Fab Himalaya is an association of Indian Himalayas women that employs and empowers women as solution to end poverty by creating employment in these Himalayan valleys. 

Sustainability means responsible innovation. Fab himalaya build products by making every decision with the highest regard for the environment and the people they work with. They firmly believe that they have something special to offer to the world and are committed to make a change in the way fashion is created and consumed.

Fab himalaya also believe that the success of such an endeavour relies on a happy and empowered workforce, one who can stay rooted in their culture while gaining exposure from the world around them. They honour each of these guiding principles equally and without compromise. 

In the Himalayan Valley, spinning and weaving was mostly the work of farmers who had the winter months in their houses to keep busy themselves with weaving other than agriculture and mother would weave on the loom in her kitchen and teach her daughter the art as she went and they would sell their wares in the marketplace. Then her daughter would teach her own daughter and so on down through the ages. 

The wool comes from yak, sheep and goat raised by nomadic herders and local shepherds on the Himalayan Plateau. Each spring, they begin to lose their soft wool underlayer for the summer. In a process that is painless for the animals, the herders collect the loose wool and bring it to market.