Margot and Scarlette to sisters born on Île de Ré grew up at the seaside surrounded by good local produce and bred at home!
Together, they imagined an original way to use the richness of cereals in our region and created Marlette: Organic preparations that allow gourmets to cook delicious cakes in a minimum of time !
Margot is an agri-food engineer, graduated from McGill University in Montreal. Passionate about sustainable development and healthy eating, she becomes at Marlette the expert of raw materials. It is she who unearths the best ingredients and constantly controls their qualities with always this desire to respect the values that are dear to her heart, “the taste, the nutritional values, the origin and their mode of cultivation. ”
Margot brings to Marlette its sweetness and its naturalness that we find in the ingredients of our recipes. Scarlette is passionate about good restaurants, and even about “all that is eaten” in general. A graduate of Vatel, she spent a year in Sydney where she discovered the world of Australian coffee shops and specialty coffee.

They create our recipes from the delicious flours of small producers in our region. To create the delicious Cookies, Chocolate Fondant or Gingerbread, they select the best ingredients, taste, assemble, re-taste, until you find the perfect recipe that will allow you to cook the best cakes as easily as possible!

In a Marlette preparation you will find all the dry ingredients that make up the recipe: wheat flour, spelled, whole sugars, good chocolate, oatmeal, all kinds of seeds and spices, salt from Île de Ré.

You just have to add the fresh products like butter, eggs or milk, follow the recipe on the back of the package simply! The choice of our recipes is based on a simple criterion: only healthy, organic and tasteful ingredients!

All Marlette ingredients come from organic farming.

The majority of Marlette flours are crushed with stone and are derived from cereals grown on organic farms in the region. The salts come naturally from the salt marshes of Île de Ré. Ingredients that can not be produced locally, such as cane sugar or chocolate, come from sustainable and fair trade sectors.

Marlette thinks of all the gourmands and develops a gluten-free range 100% organic and certified by AFDIAG.

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