Bornn Enamelware

BORRN is born out of a deep passion for timeless, high quality, healthy enamelware and a desire to create products with witty details and character. BORRN Enamelware is co-created and designed by sisters Oyku Thurston and Basak Onay in Istanbul, Turkey. They are influenced by the fascinating history of enamelware and aim to create modern, unique, and traditional products. They hope to put this material back in the spotlight and give back to the community of its origin.

Enamelware is a time honored and time consuming process, made by fusing porcelain onto heavy gauge steel. Raw steel bodies are machine-mulled or hand-formed, glazed and then kiln fired at high temperatures, creating a smooth surface. It is durable and resistant and will preserve it’s colors for many years.

BORNN Enamelware is made in Turkey.

Erhätlich bei:
Kitchener Bern
Kitchener Zürich