The Journey

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„Trains have always been the only truly cultivated way to travel.“ - eine klare Ansage zum Beschrieb eines Buches, das aussergewöhnlich schöne Möglichkeiten zeigt, die Welt im Zug zu bereisen. 

von Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten, ­Michelle Galindo.

In Englisch.


Trains have always been the only truly cultivated way to travel. The slower rhythm from departure to arrival, the relaxed glide through the landscape, and the shift between city and country fill rail enthusiasts with great joy and are pleasures waiting to be discovered by the uninitiated.

The Journey presents a varied selection of extraordinary travel opportunities by train from around the world. Featuring historic luxury wagons, spectacular panoramic railways, and timeless itineraries, it takes the reader for a ride through breathtaking canyons and romantic scenery. Striking images, informative geographical material, and personal experiences bring these train adventures, which range from the quick three-hour trip to the transcontinental journey lasting several days, to life.


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