Beatriz Furest PESCAIRE Sandals Salvia

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Made in Europe Sustainable Fair Small Producer

100% cowhide leather
Made in Spain

-100% cowhide leather
Hergestellt in Spanien

Semi-closed sandal with adjustable buckle
100% cowhide leather
leather sole
Padded vaquetta leather sole
Heel braided by hand in Spain

At Beatriz Furest all the garments are produced in Spain, in local workshops,
which allows them to have total control of each of the garments we make.
Textile and accessory production comes from Catalonia and footwear from Alicante,
with the guarantee of the experience and specialization that each region offers.

BeatrizFurest are very aware of the importance of the environment,
that is why they use natural dyes and recycled leathers from the food industry, working to avoid any excess waste.

Their production allows them to reduce our carbon footprint and support the development of local industry.
BF ensure the best quality and use of resources, through manual and careful processes.


Halbgeschlossene Sandale mit verstellbarer Schnalle
100% Rindsleder
Gepolsterte Vaquetta-Ledersohle
In Spanien von Hand geflochtener Absatz

Bei Beatriz Furest werden alle Kleidungsstücke in Spanien in lokalen Werkstätten hergestellt,
Dadurch haben sie die volle Kontrolle über jedes einzelne Kleidungsstück.
Die Textilien und Accessoires kommen aus Katalonien und die Schuhe aus Alicante,
Das garantiert die Erfahrung und Spezialisierung, die jede Region bietet.

BeatrizFurest ist sich der Bedeutung der Umwelt sehr bewusst,
Deshalb verwenden sie natürliche Farbstoffe und recyceltes Leder aus der Lebensmittelindustrie,
um überflüssigen Abfall zu vermeiden.

Durch ihre Produktion können sie unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck verringern
und die Entwicklung der lokalen Industrie unterstützen.
BF stellt durch manuelle und sorgfältige Prozesse die beste Qualität und den besten Einsatz von Ressourcen sicher.



Beatriz Furest

Die schönen Ledertaschen und Accessoires von Beatriz Furest werden allesamt in kleinen Manufakturen in Barcelona hergestellt, aus feinstem Rind- und Lammleder. Das Label der jungen Designerin existiert seit 1998.

EN: Beatriz Furest, the founder of the brand, comes from a family that has dressed the gentlemen of Spain for over a century. In 1898 her relatives opened their first store,«Furest», in Barcelona’s Plaza Real, starting what is now a legendary menswear label that continues to thrive years later. Her family’s love for fashion, art and design had a profound effect on young Beatriz. Raised in the Furest’s busy workshops, she learnt the tricks of her trade from the traditional methods practised by her forefathers. Beatriz recalls how different colour trends were applied to classic tailoring and incorporated into new collections each season. It wasn’t long before Beatriz began to dream of setting up her own brand. Noticing that it was difficult to buy quality leather accessories inspired by streetwear, she felt compelled to fill this overlooked gap in the market.

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