A Beautiful Story Moonlight Garnet Gold Bracelet

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Your purchase provides 150 minutes of employment in Nepal
Ihr Einkauf ermöglicht 150 Minuten Beschäftigung in Nepal

about this stone
garnet brings you motivation.

Gold plated brass bangle with a garnet.

The garnet must not be missed. It is a powerful and energetic stone in fiery red colour.
The garnet is full of passion, motivation and creativity.


über diesen stein
granat bringt dir motivation.

Vergoldeter Messingarmreif mit einem Granat.

Der Granat darf nicht fehlen. Er ist ein kraftvoller und energiegeladener Stein in feuerroter Farbe.
Der Granat ist voll mit Leidenschaft, Motivation und Kreativität.


A BeautIful Story

It all started with a Silver Factory

There once was a small silver factory in a city called Kathmandu, the Nepali capital.

A beautiful story begins in the year 2005. During that year the factory offered jobs to twenty outstanding silver smiths, who created the most amazing jewelry. Dambar, the owner of the factory, was looking for more customers to buy his stunning products. More customers meant more sales, which in return would let him secure employment for the men under his care. This news travelled halfway around the globe, and reached Cathelijne Lania, the founder of A Beautiful Story, in The Netherlands.

Women’s empowerment

Through the men working in the silver factory (silver smith is a male-dominated profession in Nepal) they met a group of women.

Their business was called 'Beads for Life' and their goal was to achieve financial independence.

A Beautiful Story also decided to sell their knitted jewelry and within a few years, the group grew to 15 fulltime workers. They make the most intriguing and awe-inspiring pieces and apply various techniques, including good old crochet, in their knitted collection!

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