Laurin Schaub Plate Terrazzo Blk

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Plastic free Local Sustainable Small Producer

Terrazzo is an unlimited series of plates in three sizes with an artificial stone look. The objects made from specially developed porcelain are ground and polished by hand. Available in black / white and white / black.


Laurin Schaub

(EN) Laurin Schaub is interested in exploring the landscape of the tabletop referencing the symbolic and narrative found within historic table settings. His are everyday objects – Vases, bowls and plates – made of porcelain. They are individually shaped with different surface techniques and then sanded or glazed. Some are worked with a special surface technique with pigments or glazes, others are made from a specially prepared porcelain body. Laurin lives and works in Bern.

(DE)  Der gelernte Keramiker Laurin Schaub (1984) konzipiert und realisiert Objekte, die vom Tafelgeschirr über Figuren bis hin zu Klanginstallationen führen. Mit dem Material experimentiert und gestaltet er neue Formen für alltägliche Gebrauchsobjekte wie Schalen, Schlüsseln und Töpfe die sich zwischen Kunst und Nutzbarkeit bewegen. Laurin Schaub lebt und arbeitet in Bern.

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