Le Chocolat des Francais Milk Chocolate 41%

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Made in Europe Sustainable Fair Small Producer Organic

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Le Chocolat de Francais have chosen all natural raw materials, for their recipes.
The traditional artisanal process enables their bars to be certified:
"Pure Cocoa Butter", "AB Organic" and "Europe Organic Agriculture". Chapeau !

Young and old alike will love this organic milk chocolate.
A surprising bar because it is soft and delicious but also very high in cocoa!
The latter, at a minimum of 41%, will delight choco-addicts.


Le Chocolat de Francais hat für seine Rezepte ausschließlich natürliche Rohstoffe gewählt.
Das traditionelle handwerkliche Verfahren ermöglicht die Zertifizierung ihrer Tafeln:
"Pure Cocoa Butter", "AB Organic" und "Europe Organic Agriculture". Chapeau!

Diese Bio-Milchschokolade wird Jung und Alt gleichermaßen begeistern.
Ein überraschender Riegel, denn er ist weich und lecker, aber auch sehr kakaohaltig!
Der Mindestkakaoanteil von 41% wird Schokoladensüchtige begeistern.


Le chocolat des Français

Le chocolat des Français started with a simple idea: break with the traditional codes of handcrafted chocolate by bringing creativity and humour !
Tradition & creation. Determined to reveal the French chocolate know-how to the world, le chocolate francais go look for the best ingredients and artisans of France.
At the same time, in order to bring a humorous touch and a quirky style to these incredible chocolates, le chocolate franca call many talented artists.
All seduced by the original idea, their lend their talent to illustrate the first packaging for Le chocolat des Français, guided by a unique brief : “your best representation of the French culture”.
A unique handmade know-how le chocolate franca have traveled all around France, looking for this unique know-how.
Determined to surround ourselves with the best French artisans, they have created trusting and genuine relationships with four masters chocolate, each one mastering his own expertise.
All of them have strong values that we share : a production 100% made in France, the respect of traditional methods, and the valorisation of human capital.
Since, they closely work together in order to elaborate unique recipes, always delicious and sophisticated.
A supply from the best producers They are sourcing our cocoa beans directly from Ecuadorian and Peruvian planters, which have seduced us with their high qualified work and the fineness of their beans.
Besides their ethical commitments and a sustainable agriculture, they perfectly master the know-how of fermentation and drying. Thanks to their expertise, they can fully enjoy the aromatic richness of their cocoa beans. GOM free, organic, palm oil free.

“ This is a fun product. We love the packaging and the way they work. Super sweet gift to bring to any invitation. “ sarah buyer

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