Brazil 45s- Trio Mocoto - Swinga Sambaby / Tenorio Jr. - Nebulosa / Jorge Autouri - Autorizando

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Trio Mocoto were highly influential in the samba rock scene in Brazil. They are most famous for being Jorge Ben’s backing band, particularly on his ‘Força Bruta’, ‘Negro É Lindo’ and ‘Tábua de Esmeralda’ albums. ‘Swinga Sambaby’ is taken from their hard to obtain self-titled LP from 1973 on RGE. It has never been released on a 7”.

Master jazz pianist Tenorio Jr. only recorded one album, ‘Embalo’, released on RGE in 1964. Rumour has it that he was arrested and thrown in jail (and possibly even murdered) while on tour with Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes in Argentina in 1976. He has not been seen since... Nebulosa has never been released on a 7”.

Jorge Autouri is the drummer behind this trio. Taken from the ‘Jorge Autuori Trio - Vol 2’ LP originally released on Mocambo (Rozenblit) from the north east of Brazil, in 1968. This track has never been released on a 7”.


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