Yope Salvia & Green Caviar Liquid Soap

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Salvia & Green Caviar Liquid Soap with TGA Formula

Salvia & Green Caviar Liquid Soap does not contain silicones, artificial colorants, parabens or mineral oils.

Scent characteristics
Herbal, delicate, fresh.
What nourishes your hands?
Natural extract from sage leaves has anti-inflammatory properties and extract from marine algae (also known as green caviar), which is rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthens collagen fibres leaving skin more supple and smooth. The soap also contains vitamin B5 and allantoin which soothe irritations and accelerate skin regeneration. The product contains the new TGA formula.
What is TGA?
A mix of 100% natural, mildest cleansing agents that do not affect the lipid layer of the epidermis. Thanks to the formula, YOPE soaps are safe to use and environmentally friendly.
What is the product free from?
Parabens, PEGs, silicones, colourants, SLE and SLS.
500 ml

Salvia& Green Caviar Flüssigseife mit TGA Formel

Salvia & Green Caviar Flüssigseife enthält keine Silikone, künstliche Farbstoffe, Parabene oder Mineralöle.

Kräuter, zart, frisch.
Was nährt deine Hände?
Natürlicher Extrakt aus Salbeiblätter mit entzündungshemmenden Eigenschaften und Extrakt aus Meeresalgen (auch grüner Kaviar genannt), der reich an Vitaminen und Mineralien ist, stärkt Kollagenfasern und macht die Haut geschmeidiger und glatter. Die Seife enthält auch Vitamin B5 und Allantoin, die Reizungen lindern und die Hautregeneration beschleunigen. Das Produkt enthält die neue TGA-Formel.
Was ist TGA?
Eine Mischung aus 100% natürlichen, mildesten Reinigungsmitteln, die die Lipidschicht der Epidermis nicht beeinflussen. Dank der Formel sind YOPE-Seifen sicher in der Anwendung und umweltfreundlich.
Wovon ist das Produkt frei?
Parabene, PEGs, Silikone, Farbstoffe, SLE und SLS.
500 ml



Yope does soaps and cleaning products mainly healthy for skin and environmentally-friendly. Yope washing cosmetics contain no mysterious and ultramodern mixtures and cocktails, artificial colourants, scents, preservatives, parabens, naphtha derivatives, SLS, SLES and thickeners. Instead they contain natural, vegetable extracts for healthcare and mild washing and aroma substances. All ingredients are safe even for sensitive skin. Thanks to know-how and experience of Yope cosmetologists and dermatologists. They helped Yope to develop extraordinary soaps which have short list of ingredients. Yope products contain only what is necessary for cosmetics to be good quality and safe for health. All substances were used in optimal proportions and in best concentration. They do not promise miracles but we are sure that our soaps and cleaning agents do their job well. Safe and healthy for skin. Can be used by children and people with sensitive skin. They have simple and effective composition. They do not contain enhancing substances: parabens; artificial colourants, preservatives, scents and foaming substances; SLS; and SLES. Everyone can afford them.

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