Vintage Zanafi Rug 134 cm x 256 cm, wool

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Vintage Zanafi Rug 134 cm x 256 cm, wool

We travel every year to Morocco to source a unique selection of Rugs for you. Every Rug has been carefully selected by us in Morocco. They are all vintage rugs. 

Moroccan carpets are always woven by woman. Produced for the own need they are expression of the live, struggle or joy of the woman weaving them. They are named by the region or the place they come from or by the name of the tribe the waver comes from. 

Originally these carpets were made for personal and domestic use by the different ethnic groups of mainly Berber, rarely Arabic, origin within Morocco, most of whom were semi-nomadic. The carpets were normally used as bedding or blankets and were made by the women for their own families, who passed weaving techniques down through the generations.

The way in which these carpets were woven made them easily adaptable to any climate: in the mountains, they are made with a high pile and are more loosely knotted so as to provide protection against the cold, whereas in warmer climes a lower pile height and a finer weave is employed.

In the early 20th century, Moroccan carpets fascinated artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Le Corbusier and today bring images of Mark Rothko or Cy Twombly to mind. In other words, an enquiry into the Islamically influenced culture of North Africa in general and carpets from Morocco in particular leads us to the roots of European avant-garde art. 

Zanafi : : The bold, graphic style of the black and ivory pattern is a signature design of the Berber Zanafi tribe.

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