Sugai World - Monster Clips GREY MONSTER Paper Clips

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Sustainable Small Producer

kitchener classics

2.7 × 6.2 x 0.1cm

Material:Natural Fiber Paper
Made in Japan
For washi tape 15mm×10m

Hergestellt in Japan
Für Washi-Tape 15mm×10m

Monster clips are new types of paper clips, shaped as unique creatures.
They perform as standard clips or bookmarks,
and you can also change their poses by dipping them in water for 5 minutes.
These cute monsters add a personal touch
to your gift or working space.


Monsterclips sind neue Arten von Büroklammern, die die Form einzigartiger Kreaturen haben.
Sie funktionieren wie normale Clips oder Lesezeichen,
Sie können aber auch ihre Posen ändern, indem Sie sie 5 Minuten lang in Wasser tauchen.
Diese niedlichen Monster verleihen
Ihrem Geschenk oder Arbeitsbereich eine persönliche Note.


Sugai World

SUGAI WORLD, founded in 2011 in Tokyo, is a design gift maker with a playful attitude. Its history began with a fun sticky note called Mustache-it, a mustache-shaped sticky note. Our playful products are now sold at lifestyle shops, museum stores, and similar shops around the world. Our products are proudly made in Japan using eco-friendly materials. Enjoy SUGAI WORLD with a playful and happy attitude!

Q.1 What is SUGAI WORLD ?

We are a Tokyo based company that creates and manufactures “happy design” gifts. We plan and design all of our products and partner with Japanese manufacturers to help produce them. We are committed to creating unique and playful products for the gift and stationery markets. We manufacture our products from eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Q.3 What is the purpose of SUGAI WORLD products?

People in Japan work long hours in small spaces. Through our products, we hope to make their workday happier and more productive. We want to bring this same concept to the rest of the globe, too. Our mission is to “provide imagination and dreams to the world.”

Q.4 What is the dream of SUGAI WORLD?

To communicate with people through our products, which we believe will contribute to a more peaceful world.

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