Not all Soap is naturally antibacterial

Washing your hands regularly is the number one prevention for the corona virus.

As a store we also disinfect our working surfaces several regularly theses days. Disinfectant like masks, are hard to get these days. Empty shelfs where the plastic bottles containing them in supermarkets and shops used to stand one can't help wondering how many more disposable plastic bottles end up in landfill these times.

Not everything that is sold as soap today is antibacterial.

A true soap is made with lye and this makes it antibacterial. The history of soap is tightly intertwined with its antibacterial capacity and the saving of lives in times of disease.

Most wash gels and "soaps" found on store shelves today are made out of synthetic surfactants which might not be antibacterial.

The Soeder Natural Soap is a true natural soap and made with lye. This makes the product naturally antibacterial. Your hands (or body) don't just get clean and nourished by this product but are also cleaned antibacterial with every use.

Soeder soap comes in glas bottles that can be refilled in our stores.You can also bring your own dispenser and have it filled.Resining from plastic soap dispensers makes a huge impact especially now.

For the disinfectant we recommend the natural one from sonett. Purely plant-based ingredients are the special characteristics of this surface disinfectant making it a real alternative to the well-known agents obtained using synthetic active ingredients with their problematic side effects.

For centuries alcohol has been used for disinfection, and to this day no microorganism is known that is resistant to alcohol. Like all sonett products is can be refilled. Of course at the moment they are as hard to get as all of these products but I have been told that in 2 weeks time new stock should arrive.

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