Soul Bottles Souldiver 1L

Auf Lager
CHF 39.90


  • Sustainable
  • Plastic free
  • For a good cause
  • Small Producer

You don't need to go 20'000 miles deep to discover a whole new world. Listen closely and: souldive! For the designer of the whale glass bottle Dorothee Marks, the whale is the king of the under water animals. An animal filled with strong will, wisdom, intuition, creativity and serenity. Soulbottles are the world's cleanest drinking bottles – go ahead and find your soulmate! Soulbottles are a pleasant counterpart to the classic water bottles made of plastic.

Soulbottles drinking bottles are for those who love the clean, pure taste of natural water. Stay hydrated longer with this fun printed glass driking bottle. Soulbottles are the perfect thirst quenche!


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