Malibu Missoni Canyon Red

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The Malibu Sandals Mission

Our mission is simple: create the most comfortable, stylish and modern sandals on the planet.

To achieve this, we’ve combined the ancient craft of Mexican huarache sandal-making with contemporary footwear design and engineering techniques, using cruelty-free materials.

With a return to a traditional design philosophy, we’ve beautifully re-imagined the classic Mexican huarache with updated features that deliver on everyday wearability from the beach to the boulevard.

Inspiration Behind Malibu Sandals

In an effort to create the world’s most comfortable, stylish, modern huarache, we set forth by looking back.

Mexican huarache sandals date back many centuries. Their origins are unknown, but there are clear design links between Mayan Caites sandals and pre-Hispanic footwear seen on ancient codices.

Traditionally handmade and constructed out of raw leather, the huarache’s primal design language features an intricate woven pattern that’s iconic, durable and proven to withstand the test of time.


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