Macon & Lesquoy Pig Club Patch

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"Pig Club" Iron-On Patch, dimensions: 60x77mm.

Repair or decorate your most treasured wardrobe possessions with this collection of creative handcrafted iron-on embroidered patches from Macon & Lesquoy.

Place this patch in the desired location and secure into place with an iron on a medium heat (10 secs). Ensure the patch is properly fixed by reversing the garment and ironing the other side.

Ensure your garment is suitable for use by testing the iron on a small, hidden part. Alternatively, iron-patches can be sewn into place to avoid damaging synthetics and silks.

Show your hate, your love, your disgust, and you tastes on your jacket!
Elegant and discerning, that heat-sealable repair patch is the perfect parry on snags, holes and stains that spoil the clothes you love so dearly.


Macon & Lesquoy

Wenn die Tochter eines Antiquitätenhändlers die Tochter eines Astrophysikers trifft, dann erzählen sie sich Geschichten über Geschichten und das Schicksal von Macon & Lesquoy nimmt seinen Lauf. 
So zusammenfassen könnte man die Geschichte von Marie Macon und Anne-Laure Lesquoy und ihrem gemeinsamen Label.

Jede Saison entsteht eine neue Kollektion wunderbarer Broschen, Patches und Pins. 
Die Sujets werden von den beiden Frauen gezeichnet und in einem Handwerksbetrieb in Pakistan gefertigt.

“A touch of humor and luxury for the young girls, handsome boys, gorgeous mums and old dandies around the world who always 
enjoy a good laugh!”

EN: When the daughter of an antique dealer and the daughter of an astrophysicist come together, they tell each other stories and some more stories and the fate of Macon & Lesquoy takes its course. This is how you would summarise the story of Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy on their joint label. Each season a new collection of wonderful brooches, patches and pins is created. The sujets are designed by the two women and manufactured in a handicraft shop in Pakistan.

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