Macon & Lesquoy Canoe Patch

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This beaver will save an Indian.

Fruit Stripe Gum tattoo maniacs and decal nostalgics, clumsy people, smokers and moth keepers, this was made for you! Elegant and discerning, our heat-sealable repair patches are the perfect parry on the snags, holes and stains that spoil the clothes you love so dearly.

In collaboration with Good Guys, the brand of vegan shoes.

Beaver size : approximately 54X32mm

Item conditioned on a white card.

Notice :

Place the patch wherever you wish. Image side up, heat-sealable side on the cloth.

To fix it: lay a clean dishcloth on the positioned patch et press medium-hot iron gently with steam until the patch sticks to the cloth (approx. 10 sec.).

Secure the fixing by also ironing the back of the cloth (again for 10 sec.).

IMPORTANT: Always carry out a preliminary test with your hot iron on an invisible part of the garment. If the cloth does not resist the heat, you can always fasten your patch by stitching it.


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