Lollipop Love

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Süsse Hingabe mit Schokolade, Karamel und Zucker. 

Was braucht man mehr?

Ein Buch mit Rezepten, die dir zeigen, wie du selber Lollipops machen kannst.

Oh yeah!

96 Seiten.

In Englisch.

Brightly colored lollipops are the perfect sweet for children and adults alike—and now these whimsical treats can be made with ease in the home kitchen. Showcasing recipes for every kind of lolly imaginable, the techniques for layering, coloring, and swirling will result in indulgences as beautiful as they are delicious. This inspired little book delivers flavor ideas that go from basic sugar to Almond Butter Crunch to Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Cream and so much more! For anyone with a penchant for enjoying sugar on a stick, Lollipop Love is the newest authority for making yummy, shareable candies. 


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