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In our increasingly digital world, audiophiles know that the real recording is on vinyl. That's why, last year, sales of vinyl reached their highest point since 1991—and they continue to soar, growing year over year.Vinyl offers a sumptuous visual celebration of the form’s fascinating history and triumphant rebirth. From weighty 78s to feisty 45s, from eccentric EPs to legendary LPs, it brings the medium off the shelves and out of the crates, spotlighting:- The development of the discs from shellac to vinyl- The messages scratched in run-out grooves, picture discs, limited editions, colored vinyl, and deluxe 180g reissues that make fans rejoice and collectors salivate- The sometimes idiosyncratic, often iconic packaging, including the work of daring designers such as Reid Miles (Blue Note), Roger Dean (Yes), Peter Saville (Factory), and Hipgnosis (Pink Floyd)- The pioneering labels, such as Decca, Verve, Atlantic, and Audio Fidelity- The groundbreaking artists and their game-changing releases, from Eddy Arnold’s “Texarkana Baby” to Jack White’sLazaretto.- Vinyl on celluloid, in films like Clockwork Orange, American Graffiti,High Fidelity, Heavy Metal Basement, and moreNo collection is complete without it.


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