Protein Journal - Issue 16

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Protein Journal Issue 16 – The Age Issue

Our latest issue explores how age really is just a number. Issue 16 comes with two different covers. Whether you're sixteen or sixty this issue's got something for you...

How old are you? Now, how old do you feel? Sometimes the two don't add up. Teenagers are running multi-million dollar businesses, people who used to be regarded as OAP’s are appearing in slick fashion campaigns, while kids and parents are listening to the same bands, finding love on the same apps and wearing the same labels.

Traditional age demographics are out of date, and people are no longer acting their age. A shift that means we’ve got some exciting times to look forward to ahead – a change in attitude we’ve taken a closer look at in this latest issue of Protein Journal.

But that’s not all. Inside we also talk to Show Studio founder and creative powerhouse Nick Knight about the future of fashion, look at how video streaming platform Boiler Room is taking over club land, get a taste for designer Marije Vogelzang's mouth-watering approach to food, take a first look at Ed Atkins groundbreaking new art project for Manchester International Festival and meet Holly Herndon, the experimental electronic musician taking on the NSA.

Plus, we talk shop with an exciting set of ethical retailers cropping up around the globe, try out a collection of news platforms that are changing how we discover, share and understand world events and visit Beirut, a city that’s shaking off the dust of its war-torn past and embracing a new wave of creativity and innovation.

22 × 29 cm, Soft cover, 2015.