Urban Bottle Agile 500ml

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  • Sustainable
  • Plastic Free
  • Small producer

Clima Bottle is the revolutionary carbon neutral, insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps
your beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.
Palm Grove is a limited edition Clima Bottle part of the Reef Collection. The Reef
Collection helps you reduce the use of plastic bottles while supporting the safeguard of our
beloved and endangered Oceans.
10% of the proceeds will be devoted to the Clean Ocean Project, a non-profit organization based in
Fuerteventura, that has been directly committed to the cleaning of our Oceans for more than 10
years now.
Merging form, function and environmental awareness, Clima Bottle comes with an authentic,
sleek stainless steel design, that makes it perfectly convenient and easy to carry on any occasion,
from office to the gym, with your drink staying hot or cold for hours, as you like it. Oh, and did we
mention it is carbon neutral?

Capacity: 500 ml
Diameter: 7,3 cm
Height: 20,5 cm
Weight: 274 g


24 Bottles

Den CO2 Austoss so niedrig wie möglich halten, den jedes Gehen fängt mit einem Schritt an. 24Bottles ist ein Schritt zu diesem Ziel, denn die 2013 gegründete italienische Designmarke hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, den Planeten von Einweg-Plastikflaschen zu entlasten. Ihr Sortiment bietet eine große Auswahl an sorgfältig gestalteten, hochwertigen, leicht zu tragenden, nachhaltigen Edelstahlflaschen für die tägliche Flüssigkeitszufuhr. Einfach oder doch lieber farbig verspielt und wenn’s gar nicht passt mit eigenem Design.

EN: 24Bottles is the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a wide range of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go. We believe that good design can change things for the better and can help people improve their health and quality of life as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way. Our focus is to combine form and function in order to offer uniquely lightweight collections of bottles, bags and accessories, so as to foster a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle, while keeping personal style in check. As a company we strive everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. 

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